Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Altered Altoid Box

This is a project I got inspired to do last night. Its an altoid box altered to become a mini scrapbook/brag book. I gave it to my mother. Its not perfect needs to be altered a little more but i like the way it turned out, especialy for a first.

More Pages

This page is of when Bell was Baptised. I Took two sheets of paper and tore the top on in to strips then aranged them, weaving the picture through parts of it. I then added Vellum quotes and attached them with Brads.

This page is done using elements from his uniform for a 3d effect and some extra texture. I also tore the edges of the velum and inked them to make it look aged.

I just like this page. The color combos turned out really cool :-)

Bell Playing with christmas lights. We turned them on just for the picture don't worry.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Here are some pictures of some of my newer pages. I used a program to scan these and then paste them together, since my scanner is so small. They aren't quite the right size but they show you what it looks like.

Bell kept stealing her daddy's hat when he was home on leave so I thought it would make a great page. The word "laugh" is written in wire with beads attached. I also used a lot of torn paper on this page.

This is a page about our 1st cat together, TJ, he was our little buddy! He traveled everywhere with us, sitting in the front seat of the truck in between us.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Project

Hey I got a book that shows you how to make folded flowers. You take this template and cut it out of some double sided paper or card stock. Then fold in the Points. On the inside you can do journaling or pictures or anything. i'll post a picture when i think of a layout.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A New Blog

I just started this blog to post some scrapbooking stuff and share ideas. My mom introducted me to eblogger and it seemed pretty cool. I have been using myspace for my blog but there are too many teens and stuff on there. Here are some pictures of some valentines day cards I did.

This is a card that i did for valentines day this year. I used ink to age the edges and the tag comes out for other use.

This card I made for valentines day at my mothers request. She wanted something victorian like. I tore up pages and then inked the edges to age them. Using a copper color ink. I then used heart clips on the corners of an old ad type image. I think it turned out really good!

This card is made with colored red paper that I tore in a strip. Then i took ink and created the streaks across the top and bottom of it. The card started out as a basic white template. This one is my favorite.

This card is really simple. I cut a square out of the black paper to reveal the red card behind. I then stamped a small stamp within the box. I put some fibers on the sides of the black cardstock and that was it. I turned out really simple and elegant. I love how simple it is.

So as it turns out I have a new passion for Card Making. I just went to the library today and got a bunch of new books on it. I also am working on a scrapbook of my trip to Califoria to meet my birth mother